my sustainable & creator lifestyle kit

my fave tools!

*NOTE! : The most sustainable thing you can do is either up-cycle or thrift things you need. But if you're in a pinch, or if you need something and can't find an up-cycled version, these are my fave ideal swaps!


*most (not all) links are affiliate links and it really does help me out if ya use 'em.

I WOULD NEVER share something I don't truly believe in. ever.

my ethics will always be number one.

the creator/camera gear I use

*most, if not all, of my equipment is either used or refurbished. looking for used options first will always be the most sustainable!

my big camera
lens #1
lens #2 (zoom)
shotgun mic
vlogging camera
gorillapod (vlogging)
my cheap tripod
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my zero waste kit 

my fave tools I own and use to live sustainably

*again note that some of these things can be thrifted or found second hand! It might not be the same exact product but same concept/function. I always suggest checking thrift stores & platforms like facebook/craigslist first! 


my fave travel mug (16 oz.)
my bamboo straws
tiffin travel container
travel cutlery (that I
produce bags (similar)
hemp shampoo bar
THE BEST conditioner
THE BEST lip balm!
vegan & zero waste lip balm
hair comb
daytime moisturizer (glass)
gentile vegan cleanser (glass)
natural med/full cov. foundation
organic reusable cotton rounds
collapsible menstrual cup
Ayurvedic tongue scraper
glass spray bottles (DIY beauty)
glass diy skincare bottles
safety razor (similar)
vegan bristle dish scrubber
palm oil free Castile soap
reusable parchment paper
5lb bulk tub vegan pea protein
my eco(ish) headphones
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my zero waste wishlist

*books, beauty, wellness, home & office, and kitchen

------------    books  ------------  

a zero waste life
the original zw book
zero waste life hacks
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------------    beauty  ------------  

vegan bristle dry brush
vegan bristle dry brush
plastic free hair ties
bamboo cotton swabs
deodorant stick
deodorant cream
ear pick (great q-tip swap!)
in-shower shampoo bar case
tinted sunscreen (face)
face + body oil
Skylar Perfume in "Arrow"
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------------    wellness  ------------  

plastic free yoga mat
organic cotton yoga towel
adaptogenic mushroom blend (glass)
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------------    home & office  ------------  

plantable colored pencils
plantable pencils
wood highlighters
wood music amplifier
wood music amplifier
kids' easter eggs
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------------    kitchen  ------------  

un-sponges (reusable)
cute compost bin
vegan bristle dish brush
vegan bristle dish brush
water filter
stainless ice pop mold
ice tray
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