hi I'm Christie! ◠ 

〰 each of my platforms focus on all things "Intentional Living"

radicalized self care & wellness sustainable vegan living fuelled by alignment

who i am :



self care &

recovery advocate

plant eater

mama earth enthusiast



brand curator

my ethics :

◠ plastic free

◠ whole foods vegan

◠ ethical fashion

◠ sustainable fashion

◠ self care & self love

◠ fitness

◠ holistic health

this one's a doozy to most people. but hey, it's my life. my ethics are very important to me.

presence / alignment / balance

what i do :

to show others that living sustainably

& healthfully in mind and spirit,

is easier done and simpler than you think!

to encourage an intentional world.

my mission :

my work :

my story :

cheeky fun fact background:

I grew up in Montreal, Canada. Downhill/woods skiing, paired with website design/branding was my absolute passion growing up. I dreamed of one day moving to America (NYC specifically), and starting a business. Now in my twenties, I just moved out of NYC, and now live in Seattle, USA. My middle name is Sedona.

My journey started in 2012 - 2013 when I became passionate about health and fitness; taking nutrition courses in university and training for bikini competitions. In 2014, my journey shifted drastically, when I went into recovery from anorexia, fitness addiction, and orthorexia. I lost most of my hair, had completely secluded myself from my friends, and felt so disconnected from who I was, what I wanted to do in life, and how life was supposed to be lived. It was as if I was learning how to live at 19 years old, rather than in childhood like most humans do.

I went vegan overnight and took my health into my own hands. A year later, in March 2016, while in my senior year of business school at the University of Connecticut, I felt eager to use my business skills & mind, that I wasn't getting out of a textbook in class. I started my first company, Barefoot Babes Apparel, a vegan t-shirt company. I managed the entire business as sole proprietor, and was a one-woman-show. I learned to do everything from design, to traditional marketing, influencer marketing (before it was in the heyday it is today), creative directing, photographer and shoot manager, customer service, web design, etc. (all of which have now become freelance services that any of you can hire me for! 😊).

In 2017, I decided to embark on a low waste/low impact lifestyle, free of plastic and excessive waste on the environment. Months later I closed my clothing business due to my ethics no longer alining with fashion/excessive consumption lifestyle.

I now am an aspiring full time creator, pursuing meaningful filmmaking and encouraging an intentional community of my absolutely incredible followers. I do so mostly through my youtube channel, podcast, and membership community on patreon. I also sell limited edition SedonaChristina zero waste tools, release a newsletter each week, and freelance brand design & curate for other creators and entrepreneurs.

thank you for being wonderful.

cheers and so much love,


— Christie x

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