May 6, 2019

Hello there!

It has been a TIME since I've updated everyone and since I've done a podcast episode! SO, I decided to combine a "life update" and a fun Q&A in one!

Here are some timestamps to skip to different sections of this episode when you're over my chatty-ness (hehe 🙈)

- life update : 01:36 - 20:23
- new schedule : 08:27 - 11:29
- Q | The best thing 'zero waste' did for me : 20:34
- Q | If composting isn't available in your area : 23:02
- Q | What I studied and did before youtube : 27:48
- Q | Medicine and zero waste : 34:01
- Q | How old am I? : 39:29
- Q | Was I passionate about the environment as a kid/my family : 39:57
- Q | How I manage my finances? : 43:16
- Q | Nutritional yeast : 44:09
- Q | Veganism and supplements I take : 44:44
- Q | Low waste deodorant : 46:45
- Q | Where...

March 22, 2019

Hello! This week I have my friend, Lestraundra, host of the "Balanced Black Girl" podcast, on the show! We chat about all things wellness, self care, social media, side hustling, diversity in wellness, and everything in between!

You can find her on instagram at @BalancedLes and her podcast @BalancedBlackGirlPodcast or www.balancedblackgirl.com

Sending you all heaps and heaps of love! I hope you enjoy this episode! x

About the show:

Thank you so much for tuning into "Into Intentional"!
This is a space where we chat about all things intentional living. Be it mindfulness, wellness, fitness, nutrition, sustainability, entrepreneurship, or self care. My name is Christie (or @sedonachristina in the youtube internet land). I'm a youtuber, entrepreneur, and believer in the power of intentional li...

August 22, 2018

 . . . . . .

If you follow me on youtube/instagram, you know how important smoothies have been in my life for the last few years. They (oddly) really helped me when I was at my lowest point, and was learning how to eat "proper" food amounts when I went into recovery from my eating disorder in 2014. There's just something about starting your day with a smoothie that, for me, feels like I'm doing something right. They're FAST and easy to make so you can get onto the important tasks of your day. They're refreshing and satisfying. And they're an easy way to get fruit and veg in, without thinking twice about it.

The concept of "healthy eating" and I have had such a beautiful and wonderful relationship over the last four years. I lost all need to "eat healthy" and started to eat what I cared for....

October 11, 2017

A COLLECTIVE LISTall of the podcasts you beautiful human's recommended to me on instagram! Have something new to recommend? Leave a comment below and I'll toss it in it's respective category!

** list will always be continually updated and added to so check back when you're looking for something new!

so much love x


My Top Faves

1. The Rich Roll Podcast (with Rich Roll)

2. How I Built This (with Guy Raz by NPR)

3. The School of Greatness (with Luis Howes)

4. Tarot for the Wild Soul (with Lindsay Mack)

5. Dirty Hippies (with ME!! SedonaChristina ;)

Science, Knowledge & History

❋ Hidden Brain (by NPR)

❋ Invisibilia (by NPR)

❋ TED Radio Hour (by NPR)

❋ Lore (with Aaron Mahnke)

Wellness & Self Care

○ One Part Podcast (with Jessica Murnane)

○ The Chasing Joy Podcast (with Georgie Morley)

○ That’s So Mave...

September 18, 2017

 click to watch ↓

my vegan detox & cleanse routine after stress and unhealthy choices to feel refreshed new again! a self care routine, if you will.

let's be friends :: goo.gl/mzwJxM

THE GET HEALTHY WITH ME SERIES (restarting my health journey after 3 years of anorexia recovery)

previous episode | https://youtu.be/tYdFRio9FRc

** a few of you asked about my MULTIVITAMIN! I actually cannot for the life of me remember what the brand was called, but I just walked into Whole Foods and asked the lady working to help me find a vegan one so it was pretty easy to find! They are also NOT zero waste, I left the package behind when I moved to nyc to downsize them a bit. I tried my best to find an option that came in glass and had a recycleable lid (before I was really giving zero waste living a go) wh...

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