My Zero Waste School/Work Planner & Notebook Tips/Templates

October 20, 2017



Hello lovely friends! I recently posted a video showing some of how I organize my life and a few of ya's asked me about how I stay zero waste and maintain my notes/planner and such. So I made a video about it! You can watch it HERE on youtube and below is how to use the template I've made!


1) open the template (click HERE)

NOTE :: you cannot edit the page you open to. You must copy it into your own document (it's super easy! See steps below)


2) open a new tab on your browser with your own new empty spreadsheet


3) title it what you would like 

I like to keep a separate document for my planner (with each tab being a new month)


4) tap the top left corner of the original spreadsheet to highlight the entire page. Then "copy" it. (control+C on a mac)



5) tap the top left corner on your own document & hit paste 

6) repeat for the other pages. Feel free to copy a few columns and rows if you would like!



I hope this little explanation was helpful! Lemme know! SO MUCH LOVE, ANGELS! If no one has told you you're loved yet, let this be your reminder - YOU ARE A FREAKING ROCKSTAR, YOU ARE SO LOVED, AND YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO!


- Christie x



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