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November 7, 2017


I will be adding to this list as regularly as I can, and when I find new thrifting resources & shops. If there is a brand you'd like to recommend and have me add to the list, just shoot me an email ( or comment below! 


Last updated : August12th, 2019


*please note that some of the shop recommendations on this list, may have changed policies/platforms/anything since being added and are not regularly checked. Please double check each platform to make sure it aligns with your ethics before purchasing, as you never know, they may have changed some things since I discovered and recorded them.


Also see :: my list of ethical & sustainable shops



— Christie x


 Local Platforms (= even more sustainable!)

- Facebook Marketplace

- Let Go (an app) (

- Offer Up (an app) (

- "Buy Nothing" facebook groups (simply search "buy nothing (you town/city here)" in the facebook group search bar to apply for your local group!)

- BUNZ (an app) (


 Vintage Platforms 

- Depop (an app) (

- Ebay

- ThredUp (


 Curated Vintage Shops 

- Na Nin Vintage (only "Na Nin Vintage" page) (

- Roseblood (

- Charm School Vintage ($$$) (

- It's Honey Vintage (

- Barnaby Jack (

- (UK) Wolf and Gypsy Vintage (

- (Aus) StoreRoom Vintage (


 Designer Vintage 

- Vestiaire Collective (

- The Real Real (

- Tradesy (

- eBay


 Up-Cycled Designers 

Some groovy creatives getting inventive with up-cycling materials and pre-loved clothing textiles and such.

- Aype Works (

- Zero Waste Daniel (


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