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November 1, 2017


updated: Post was last added to April 23, 2019

Previous companies on list have not yet been double checked since listed so check before purchasing to make sure nothing has changed.


Hello my hunnies


I've been keeping an eye out for some sustainable brands, particularly brands who specialize in the things I'd rather not thrift and buy previously used. I figured I'd share some of my findings! I will be adding to this list regularly when I find new groovy brands & online shops. If there is a brand you'd like to recommend and have me add to the list, just shoot me an email ( or comment below! 


Also see :: my list of fave online vintage sellers & platforms!


K E Y 

💛 all shops listed are ethically made & sweatshop free.

♻️ = I dig their environmental sustainability

🌻 = awesome program to give back or gives donation

🦋 = fair trade

🌎 = aware/practicing zero waste practices (in packaging, manufacturing, etc.)


— Christie x




.... Vintage/Up-Cycled ...............................

Images via Aype Works


Vintage Up-Cycled Designers

○ Aype Works ( 💛♻️

- Uses up-cycled materials! Ethically made.



.... Intimates & Undies ...............................

Images via Pansy (left), and Hara & Hara sold at Know The Origin (right & middle)



Intimates & Undies

○ Sokoloff ( 💛

- Ethically made in Canada! Does not use organic/"sustainable" or up-cycled materials. Uses conventional.

○ Bluestockings Boutique ( 💛♻️

- Ethically made. Uses 100% recyclable & biodegradable packaging & shipping materials. Uses some organic materials.

○ Pact ( 💛

- Ethically made. Uses some organic or partially organic materials.

○ Pansy ( 💛♻️

- Ethically made. Uses organically grown & locally (materials/undies go no further than Texas to Cali throughout their production) grown materials that are 100% compostable. Female run!

○ Hara ( 💛♻️

- Ethically made in Bali. Workers get to work in the comfort of their own home! Family time is at the heart of what they do (workers can spend time at home with family and still earn a living!!) Garments dyed naturally with plant leaves (No harmful dyes ending up in water ways! -- the largest contributor for water contamination in Indonesia, Bangladesh, and China). Uses bamboo fibres as material. Very open about how it's made and why they choose bamboo HERE. I've heard mixed things about bamboo textiles. You can read their statement and decide for yourself! 

○ Know The Origin ( 💛♻️🦋


○ Lara Intimates ( 💛♻️

- Ethically made

- Sustainability:

- uses reclaimed materials (wasted unused material from other lingerie brands)

- produces no wasted materila



.... Swimwear ...............................

photos via GALAMAAR (left) & Pura (right)



○ SAME Los Aangeles ( 💛

- Ethically made in Los Angeles

- No mention of sustainability however

○ GALAMAAR ( 💛♻️

- Ethically made in Los Angeles

- sustainability: "techno-fabric made of nylon from discarded fishing nets that account for nearly 10% of all ocean pollution"

○ Pura Clothing ( 💛♻️

- Ethically handmade in Switzerland and Italy.

- sustainability: uses some recycled materials



.... Street Wear ...............................

Images via Opia (left), and Folk Tribe (right)


Street Wear


- For more information, please see @EverlaneU

- Good on You's rating & info (HERE

- As well as my friend Levi's YouTube video (quick easy info) "Is Everlane Really Ethical?"

- Originally, I have thought of them as "ethically made" but NOT sustainably (why they are mentioned because they at least meet one criteria), however, now I do not believe them to be ethical either. Please see resources above and do a quick google search to asses yourself.

○ Opia ( 💛

- Ethically made. Vegan materials.

○ Jesse Kamm ( 💛

- Ethically made. Offers some vegan products.

○ MATE the label ( 💛♻️

- Ethically made in Los Angeles (everything is made within a 5 mile radius!)

- Sustainably made: Offers some products made using organic materials now! And all made within a 5 mile radius supports a smaller carbon footprint.

- As I'm writing this, I've been observing them for a while and it kind of sounds like one day, all of their products will be made from organic cotton. SUPER important to show support to companies doing this! And one day they will be!! Let them know you appreciate it!

○ OZMA ( 💛♻️

- Ethically made in california

- Sustainability : makes use of organic cotton and hemp materials

- Offers some vegan options (lots of silk use)

○ Raven + Lily ( 💛♻️🌻🦋

- Ethically made & fair trade products

- Hires women who were victims of trafficking

- Employs more 1,500+ women at-risk women in 10 countries & provides "fair wages, access to a safe job, sustainable income, healthcare, and other tools they need to thrive. Additionally, every purchase of a Raven + Lily product, whether it is artisan jewelry and handbags, or handcrafted soaps and soy candles, benefits the Raven + Lily ecosystem while also funding micro-loans to female entrepreneurs".

- Very transparent about where & how products are made

- Offers some vegan products

- Sustainability: makes use of recycled and repurposed/up-cycled materials + some organic fabrics

○ Folktribe ( 💛♻️🌎

- Ethically made in Bali and Thailand (Australian brand) & vegan

- Sustainability:

- plastic free shipping (packing stickers made from recycled materials)!

- products made with natural materials such as hemp! And natural plant-dyes!

- their tees are compostable!

○ Christy Dawn ( 💛♻️

- Ethically made in Los Angeles

- Sustainability: Makes use of dead-stock materials

○ Reformation ( 💛🌎

- Ethically made

- Sustainability :

- RefRecycling: They take your old clothes in (rather than donating to your local charity shop) where you can track what happens to your items. They've partnered with 

- RefScale: Items rated by environmental footprint ("adding up the pounds of carbon dioxide emitted and gallons of water used, and pounds of waste generated".

- Zero waste manufacturing is their goal. They also use 100% plastic free packaging & bio-adhesive tapes. They're garment bags, however are plastic (30% recycled) but get re-used.

- Occasionally up-cycle vintage (entire pieces & also as parts)

- materials they use:

- Occasionally use dead stock materials

- Tencel: A semi-synthetic material but made from plants

- Recover® yarns: made from old clothes and fabric waste (in some jeans and tees)

- My thoughts: It bothers me that they advertise as "being naked is the most sustainable option, we're #2" because they're far from it. They're not quite as sustainable as other sustainable brands and in my opinion, while they have SUCH CUTE THINGS (really they're creative eye is stunning!), they really have marketed themselves to an uneducated crowd and amped up their sustainability. Not hating on them, just a personal opinion, and forever trying to keep myself honest and real! I think they have the right mindset and will only get better as the market asks for it! That's why it's up to us to demand it! I'd definitely like to see them use organic materials in their new materials sourcing or make the jump to completely dead stock! I just think it's unfair to market themselves as the most sustainable option after "being naked" when it's just not true.




... Cozy Casual Street Wear ...............

images via Pact (left) and Know The Origin (right)


Cozy Casual Street Wear

○ Pact ( 💛

- Ethically made. Uses some organic or partially organic materials.

○ Know The Origin ( 💛♻️🦋🌎

- Ethically made & fairtrade

- Sustainability:

- most pieces made with organic fabrics

- experimenting with new sustainable materials 

- often makes use of discarded fabrics in new products

- packaging/shipping makes use of recycled and biodegradable materials + zero waste options

- Very transparent about their practices

○ Yoli & Otis (blankets & bags) ( 💛♻️

- Ethically made

- Some items make use of organic cotton/hemp and plant dyed fabrics 

Some materials are vegan friendly

- Packaging made from recycled materials 

○ Ten Tree ( 💛♻️🌻

- Ethically made

- Make use of organic cotton, hemp, TENCEL, and recycled materials

- Plants 10 trees for every item sold! (they've planted more than 30 million to date!)



.... Fitness ...............................

Images via Girlfriend Collective (left), Onzie (middle), and Beyond Yoga (right)


Fitness, Yoga & Activewear

note: activewear still has a LONG way to go in sustainability. It's definitely trailing behind street wear due to material functionality. (At least so I've found, personally!)


○ Girlfriend Collective ( 💛♻️

- Makes workout & yoga apparel from 100% recycled (Truly used bottles. Not a marketing gimmick) water bottles!

- Body positive & inclusive

○ Threads for Thought ( 💛

- Makes clothing from organically harvested & sustainably harvested materials. Does not up-cycle materials.

○ Onzie ( 💛

- Ethically made in California

○ Beyond Yoga ( 💛🌻

- Ethically made in the Los Angeles

- Body positive & inclusive: Now collaborating with All Women Project to offer extended sizing! (10% of profits from the collab go to AWP)

○ Pansy ( 💛♻️

- Offers sports bras

- Ethically made. Uses organically grown & locally (materials/undies go no further than Texas to Cali throughout their production) grown materials that are 100% compostable. Female run!



.... Accessories ...............................


images via Hartwood House (left), The Northern Market (middle), Grunbag (right)


Bags & Other Accessories

○ Grunbag ( 💛♻️🌻🌎

- Ethically made

- sustainability: made from up-cycled materials & zero waste 

○ The Northern Market ( 💛

- Ethically made

- Sustainability: bags made from cotton cord only (not organic, as far as I know)

- Made by a student hoping to evolve the brand  "into a sustainable and recycled textile brand that provides a range of products to influence individuals to shift their everyday habits into more sustainable ones". Important to support her initiative!

○ Hartwood House ( 💛♻️🌻

- Ethically made

- Sustainability: handwoven from raw rattan & plant-based materials

- Profit from each bag sold will contribute aid for the deforestation disaster in Indonesia (donations to The Orangutan Project).

○ Yoli & Otis (blankets & bags) ( 💛♻️

- Ethically made

- Some items make use of organic cotton/hemp and plant dyed fabrics

- Packaging made from recycled materials 

○ Duffle & co. ( 💛♻️

- Ethically made

- very transparent about their manufacturing/materials/company ethics & what goes into each item

- Sustainability:

- makes use of Pinatex® pineapple leather!!!! (SUPER important to support!)

- offers several vegan products

- several biodegradable products

- uses organic cotton in some products

- Supports local initiatives (New Zealand) & has partnered with:

- Million Meters: plants trees with purchases to restore waterways

- KiwiHarvest: feeds families in need





.... Shoes & Footwear ...............................

Images via Veja (left) and Rothy's (right)


Shoes & Footwear

○ Rothy's (flats) ( 💛♻️

- Makes flats from recycled materials. Ethically produced. Supports closed-cycle at the end of the shoe's life by allowing customers to send them back and reworked into a new material.

○ Veja (sneakers) ( 💛

- Uses organic & fair trade materials. Does not up-cycle materials (which uses more resources & leaves a bigger enviro impact.)





.... Initiatives ...................... 


Sustainability Non-Profits & Organizations

(some organizations doing amazing things that might be worth while getting involved with or applying for a career if you are passionate about sustainable/ethical fashion!)

○ Get ReDressed (


Leather Alternatives

Pineapple Leather

- PinaTex™ (Technology. Look for products made with this material.) ♻️

used by:

- Duffle and Co. (listed in bags/accessories category above)


○ Leaf Leather

- Nuvi Nomad ( ♻️


○ Mushroom Leather

- MuSkin (look for products made with - or - manufacture yourself & shop the material ♻️

- MYX (look for products made with) ♻️



Down Coat Alternatives

○Primaloft®(look for coats made with this material to stay warmer than you would with traditional down (made from animal feathers))



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