zero waste & vegan Q&A with Summer Hanson! | into intentional podcast no. 19

July 3, 2019


Summer is back on the show this week! She's a co-owner of Eco Collective, a zero waste store based in Seattle, and most importantly, a good friend, the kindest soul.


We answered a bunch of questions that everyone sent over on instagram about all things vegan x zero waste living! 


And even though we both live similar lifestyles, being both vegan zero wasters in the same city, it turns out our answers/solutions to each of these problems are so different! I think that goes to show that there are so many wonderful ways to live a low waste plant based lifestyle, and that means there's certainly hope that you'll also find a solution that works for your lifestyle even if the ones that we use aren't available/work for you! Living intentionally can be both abundant, freeing, and a means of getting to know yourself on an even deeper level.


You can find summer on instagram @summerrhanson

and you can find Eco Collective at and @ecocollective_


*p.s. the eco website is an affiliate link so if ya do happen to snag something from them (no pressure!) it helps a lot if ya do it through that link! :)



Here are some timestamps to jump through each question!

  • In a situation where you need to compromise/choose between zero waste & vegan solutions— 11:27

  • Tips for living low waste while living with your parents— 17:30

  • Birth control & condoms— 18:09

  • What we purchase in plastic— 23:19

  • Feeling embarrassed when asking eateries to use your own Tupperware— 29:31

  • Vegan low waste foods for weight gain— 34:09

  • Zero waste way to store guacamole and preserve/prevent browning— 42:24 

  • Dish soap without bulk access— 44:15

  • Our hardest low waste switch— 49:40

  • Skincare, makeup, sunscreen, scrubs, etc.— 57:09




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