my favourite podcasts at the moment

February 24, 2019


A round up of the podcasts I've been listening to the past few months and the ones I've heard good things about and might dive into next.

my fave pods right now

Some of these have been faves of mine for years, and some are new add ons that I have been loving V much.


1. The Rich Roll Podcast (who inspired me to start my podcast, Into Intentional!)

2. Girlboss Radio

3. The Ground Up Show (hosted by Matt D'Avella)

4. That Creative Life (hosted by Sara Dietchy)


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pods i'm curious about next! 

But have not listened to just yet...

1. Plant Proof

2. Second Life

3. The Mustards

4. Balanced Black Girl (I recently interviewed Les for my own podcast! Keep an eye open for our episode this week!)

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