journaling prompts & how to journal for self care/mindfulness

October 9, 2018


click to watch the video for all the main prompts!



extra & simple prompts:

○ What's holding you back?

○ How have you grown this year?

○ Describe a scene from your day.


○ List & draw things that make you happy

 ○ When in your life did you feel your best? 

- What habits & actions did you do then?

- Where was your headspace then?

- How can you recreate that?

○ Write about something you do well (one every day for a week)

○ Who would you invite to an imaginary dinner party?

○ A song/movie/show/youtube/etc. you're loving right now & how it makes you feel.
○ Places you'd like to travel to

○ Write about someone you admire & their qualities











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