8 of my favourite online zero waste & sustainable living shops

December 11, 2018


For the last year and a half, I've been moving towards a sustainable low waste lifestyle. In the beginning, I started by abstaining from buying anything, really. I started overnight by simply using up the things I had, until the very end of their life; upon which, I either up-cycled them into something new, find an appropriate recycle/donation place, or send them to landfill (unfortunately). I'd then try and thrift the new things I needed, but I sure as heck couldn't do that with everything (think, toothbrushes, etc). For those things, I would seek out a sustainable swap or tool to do the job. Here are a few of my favourite online shops that sell sustainable goodies and have made this lifestyle change easier!



SedonaChristina (my shop! hehe)

I mean, I might be a bit biased, but what can I say. I created my shop to help not only support my youtube channel and podcast but to also provide sustainably made/sourced goodies! And on top of that, i'm clearing out my physical product inventory, so everything is ON CLEARANCE right now! 30% off everything!

You can shop here.




Osea Malibu

My all time sustainably made & sustainably packaged skin care (and self care) resource! I cannot live without their Atmosphere Protection Cream (I wear it during the day under my makeup), and their Ocean Cleansing Milk, which I use after oil 'cleansing' my makeup away, to wash away the oil, dirt, and remaining makeup/daily grime. I also love their little mini glass bottle travel sizes to bring to friends' houses when staying overnight or going on a trip!

Everything they make is vegan, biodegradable, packaged sustainably, gluten free, synthetic & GMO free, and non-toxic!

You can shop here.




Eco Collective Seattle (online & storefront)

My friends Genevieve and Marimar launched Eco Collective, which is both an online store, local Seattle retail store, and educational events collective. They sell so many sustainable brands, which also means that by supporting them, you're supporting the likelihood of more sustainable stores popping up like them, and those sustainable brands at the same time!

You can shop here.




Dans Le Sac

Not only are their products absolutely stunning (I mean, look at that branding, photography, and overall product design! Just wow.), but the female duo behind the brand, are simply wonderful humans and from my hometown of Montreal! Nothing feels better than supporting a company like that! Their bags are a wee bit pricey, but make absolutely incredible gifts, and are quality items that should last you far longer than any poorly made cheap sac. They also have a youtube channel of all kinds of simple living DIYs!

Additionally, you can find their goods in other sustainable shops locally and online.

You can shop here.




Wild Minimalist

Owned by sustainable couple, Max and Lily, Wild Minimalist is your ideal one-stop-shop for all kinds of sustainable swaps and zero waste goodies! They are passionate about sustainability and minimial living. They help you source the items that may be harder to find second hand.

You can shop here.




Package Free Shop (online & storefront)

The mecca store in Brooklyn, NYC (and online shop) started by Lauren Singer from TrashIsForTossers. If you're ever in the Brooklyn area, I definitely suggest checking out her shop! She always finds the funkiest zero waste brands, as she has a pretty big platform, I'm sure a lot of them approach her. Which is always such a lovely way to find out about new sustainable companies as well!

You can shop here.




Yay For Earth by @steevieyay

Steevie started making this face lotion for herself when she transitioned to a low waste lifestyle. She loved it so much, and noticed that others were loving her recipe too, so she decided to sell it herself. And let me tell ya, this stuff sells out in literal minutes! I've been using it as my night-time face lotion and it really is pretty good, I must say! It's great for sensitive skin, skin that's looking for some healing, or anywhere on your body that's looking for some healing too (especially eczema, burns, rashes, etc.). I've even heard of people putting it on their dog's paws when they needed a little tender love and care.

You can shop here.

(considering it sells out so quickly, you can also purchase through Eco Collective, which is where I snagged mine. They also usually have some stocked in their store in Ballard, downtown Seattle)




Life Without Plastic

One of the original companies helping plastic free living rise to it's accessibility and popularity today! They have all kinds of kitchen, on the go, and beauty swaps. They even have a bulk flour bag!

You can shop here.

You can also now purchase some of their products at Urban Outfitters, which I think is pretty nifty! Yay for plastic free living hitting the mainstream!!



Hope this list helped ya!

As always you can find me @sedonachristina on

instagram , youtube , and on my podcast!


Cheers and much luv! x

— Christie


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