zero waste vegan recipe: my favourite smoothie right now

August 22, 2018

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If you follow me on youtube/instagram, you know how important smoothies have been in my life for the last few years. They (oddly) really helped me when I was at my lowest point, and was learning how to eat "proper" food amounts when I went into recovery from my eating disorder in 2014. There's just something about starting your day with a smoothie that, for me, feels like I'm doing something right. They're FAST and easy to make so you can get onto the important tasks of your day. They're refreshing and satisfying. And they're an easy way to get fruit and veg in, without thinking twice about it.


The concept of "healthy eating" and I have had such a beautiful and wonderful relationship over the last four years. I lost all need to "eat healthy" and started to eat what I cared for. I felt free. I started to re-learn what it was like to be "healthy" and "balanced." My whole mind and perception of the human body changed. My rigid stance on body image was swiftly chucked out the door. And in a weird way, I owe smoothies a big piece of the prize for helping me get there. They played such an instrumental piece in the begining of my journey. And they're one pieces of healthy living that I never totally strayed away from, as I was venturing out into my newfound freedom. (Something I believe (very much so) to be a crucial part in recovery, is enjoying and growing comfortable with any and all foods you hadn't "allowed yourself" to eat. Straying away from your old definition of life. Figuring out if YOU are passionate about health (since many people with eating disorders often are as well) or if your eating disorder was. Finding the beauty in feeling un-attached to certain food groups and routines! Figuring out who you are without the disease, and slowly working your way around and exploring new ways of living until you find your own idea of balance.)


Over the last few months, this recipe has quickly become my fave!





(*NOTE: all these measurements are not exact. I kind of just eyeball it. But this is what I'd estimate them to be!)

○ 2 cups (or so) of water

○ 2 - 3 handfuls of spinach (I buy mine in loose bundles at the grocery store (Safeway usually), without a plastic bag to be zero waste)

○ 3+ stalks of celery

○ frozen bananas (approx. 3 - 4 of them)

○ 1 cup frozen mango or blueberries (pictured was mango, as you can tell by the smoothie's color) 

○ Mangos: I usually chop & freeze any of the mangos I haven't had a chance to eat yet before they go bad, to eat a few days later)

○ Berries: Where I live, berries are a hard one to find year round without plastic packaging. They are one of my "exceptions" sometimes; one of the few things I still occasionally buy with packaging, because I truly notice a big difference in my health without them. I either buy mine locally in the summer (in paper-based punnets) and freeze them for future months (but you have to be proactive to do this), or I eat the few summer berries we have in our backyard. In the winter, when I run out of home-frozen berries, I buy a MASSIVE (at least 2-3x the size of a costco big bag for size reference) batch of frozen local Oregon mixed berries from a restaurant supply store. They come in a cardboard box with a thin plastic bag inside holding the berries. My theory is, if you're going to create waste, get the biggest size you can so that it lasts as long as possible and that way, in comparison for the same quantity of product, you aren't buying multiple plastic bags (similar to the bulk bin philosophy since bulk bins are also often filled via plastic bags).

○ 1-2 tsp hemp seeds(I buy in bulk from Safeway)

○ 1 tsp spirulina* (bought in bulk from PCC, but if you don't have access, try finding some in a glass or aluminum container at your local health food store)

○ 1 tsp barley grass juice powder* (I don't have access to bulk (that I know of) so I bought the one linked from a local health food store)


how to make:

1. blend water, spinach, and celery together first until smooth and all ground up (just makes it easier to do it first)

2. stop blender and add in the fruit and dried items

3. blend and voilà! Pour into your fave jar and enjoy!



xo Christie


* denotes an amazon affiliate link to some groovy products I like



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