HOW TO START | notes from the heart

May 30, 2018

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There's this line that you can find every single "self help guru" or motivational speaker say at some point,

"Stop waiting for things to be perfect. They're never going to be perfect. Start now."


It's a quote I've kept with me for years.

Because it's so true.

If you get caught up in your mind— you never get anywhere.


Start with what you have.

Start now.

Stop waiting to discover perfection.

To magically discover a contrived falsehood.

Baby steps will get you to where you're capable of being. To where you're destined to be.

And it will be perfect exactly the way it plays out.


THAT is what perfection is.


Perfection is,

Stepping back and allowing it to be.

To stop judging your life.

You have to respect your life if you expect it to respect you back.




—christie x

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