zero waste whitening toothpaste recipe

March 17, 2018


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○ 1 tbsp bentonite clay (some places offer bulk!)

BC zero waste tip:

〰 Some companies may sell raw ingredients in glass jars, depending on where you live-- keep a look out!

○ 1 tbsp activated charcoal

AC zero waste tip:

〰 May use veggie capsules--- Simply de-capsule the powder. Easier to find in glass packaging if you do not have a bulk herbalist store nearby and are going for as minimal waste as possible!

〰  Additionally some companies may sell raw ingredients in glass jars, depending on where you live-- keep a look out!

○ 2 tbsp coconut oil

○ 1 tbsp baking soda

○ 20 drops peppermint oil

○ dash of Himalayan sea salt


○ empty jar (no metal jar or lid! bentonite cannot touch metal. see mine below)

○ optional :: 5 drops tea tree oil




1. empty and clean jar (I used an empty Uncle Harry's jar)

2. combine dry ingredients (using non-metal utensils... I used an old plastic children's spoon & a chopstick)

3. mix in coconut oil

○ you might want to give it a bit of heat to mix easier...

○ I added mine to my jar in it's 'solid' form, then sealed the lid, and placed my jar into boiling water (under the seal so no water seeped in) for a few seconds to give it heat from the outside without microwaving it and killing off it's benefits

4. mix together (still no metal utensils)

5. add peppermint oil drops

6. mix and done!



to use:

○  Either use a small (non metal) spoon to scoop a bit onto your brush, or dip your brush (I use my finger sometimes) directly into the jar (the ingredients are naturally anti-bacterial so don't worry about dipping your brush in!)

○ Don't forget to use your bamboo toothbrushes! Super easy to ditch unnecessary plastic! My fave is by Brush with Bamboo (small u.s. zero waste family run!)

○ Keep in mind the ingredients are not to be swallowed!! If you are using it with children, make sure they rinse their mouth thoroughly. Essential oils are powerfully concentrated herbs and can cause side effects. As can the dry ingredients. If concerned buy "food grade" ingredients and/or marked "ok for internal use"

○ Also keep in mind that activated charcoal can get messy








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