ceramicists to die for

December 3, 2017

 image via @eloeil


By now you can probably tell I'm a fan of making lists & categorizing things. This is definitely a more random post to share but art makes my heart sing and I have a sincere draw to beautiful ceramic treasures.

There's nothing better than supporting local artisans, and the goods news is -- ceramics are plastic free and aren't harmful to the planet compared to their showy-decor counterparts! I thought I'd share a running list of all the beautiful artisans I've been drooling over on instagram -- and maybe one or two are in your area if you're looking for something snazzy! (And honestly just so that I can selfishly keep track of them all 😉)


Obviously local artisans & pickup is better, if we're being conscious of the enviro but I think most of them have websites with online ordering and potentially stockists in your area!


*note all links to instagrams (since that's how I found them) but their websites are often linked there



Melbourne, VIC ::

 ○ Clay By Tina (located in Anakie, VIC)

 ○ franki_e

wingnut & co.


Brisbane, QLD ::

 ○ Lisa Russell


photo via @franki_e 



Nova Scotia ::

 ○ Melody Hill Ceramics



Vancouver, BC ::

 ○ Halsion Collective

 ○ Maggie Boyd ceramics


photos via @melodyhillmanceramics (left) and @halsioncollective (right)



Portland, OR ::

 ○ sandbox ceramics

 ○ Pigeon Toe

 ○ Mimi ceramics

 ○ Land Bird (have seen her at several stockists in Seattle as well!)


Los Angeles, CA ::

 ○ OM Object-Matters

 ○ aquestionofeagles

 ○ EMK ceramics



North Carolina ::

 ○ willowvane


Kansas City :: 

 ○ theobjectenthusiast


photos via @sandbox_ceramics (left) and @pigeon_toe (center) and @mlpottery (right)



London ::

 ○ Mäe Ceramics



photos via @mae.ceramics (left) and @anna__beam (right)




 ○ omelet trees studio




** I'll try my best to add to this list as I find more

** If you know of a talented artist near ya & you think they'd fit well on my list, comment below or email me! sedonachristina@gmail.com


photos via @aquestionofeagles






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