Zero Waste & Sustainable Gift Guide 2017 (+ last minute gifts)

November 25, 2017




The Practical Friend ::  

cotton produce bags

○ a nice/luxe travel mug (my fave-- hydroflask)

○ mason jars

○ plastic-free lunch tins (my faves-- small, medium or large & cool company)

○ bamboo scrubbers

bamboo tooth brushes

○ vejibags

○ laundry detergent (DIY or SimplyCo)




The Healthy Friend ::

○ herbal healing

moon juice (pantry & plant protein are plastic-free)

○ or bulk herbs (look for herbalist stores in your area)

○ bulk teas (bring a mason jar with you to fill)

tongue scraper

○ girlfriend collective (upcycled bottles into yoga apparel)




The Beauty Guru Friend ::

cotton rounds

○ home made beauty (coffee scrub below)

 locally made beauty (check your local markets & organic fruit shops)

○ if you're in WA/Seattle, I love HandmadeLaConner

○ bulk soaps

○ nice bamboo dry brush (face or body)


DIY sugar Scrub ::

○ ½ C. coconut oil or olive oil
○ ½ C. brown sugar (add more if desired)
○ ½ C. white sugar

○ 1 tsp. vanilla

○ mix & place in mason jar. decorate jar as desired.


(soap photo from Pinterest for example display purpose only. others linked above.)


The Cozy Friend ::

○ plants & home made plant hangers

○ locally made decor/wall hangings

○ upcycled straw basket /bag

○ used book store treats

○ handmade ceramics [see my list of (international) local faves here]


(unknown photos from Pinterest for example display purpose only)


The Techy Friend ::

○ home made or upcycled laptop case

○ Jord watches (mens & womens -- made from upcycled wood)

Pela phone case (they're compostable!) 



The Creative Fashion Friend ::

○ locally made jewelry

○ thrifted bags, clothes, etc.

○ thrifts (see -- my fave online thrifting recommendations post)

○ girlfriend collective yoga (upcycled bottles into yoga apparel)


 (unknown photos from Pinterest for example display purpose only)



Last Minute Gifting ::


Gift Cards :: 


Tradesy (vintage/pre-loved high end fashion)

○ Simply co.


Eat & Dine ::

○ dinner out to fave vegan restaurant

○ make a nice dinner for them


Subscriptions ::

○ netflix

○ gym

○ meditation app

○ yoga classes

○ spotify


Zero Waste Gift Wrapping ::

○ fabric/ pillow cases

○ old newspaper /magazines

○ greenery instead of bows



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