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September 9, 2017


A few months ago I was lucky enough to have a little chat with babe town Nina, or as many of you might know her as, @naturally_nina_. In the midst of my stress/anxiety/much needed break (info HERE) I took for a few months, the interview got lost in the mix!


Now that i've retired the old blog (RIP to my intern team and my OG blog, and this new website is finally revealed to the world after months of woking on it (woo!!), I'm really exited to dive back into interviews and finally get Nina's precious words up for you all!


Let me know who you'd love to see me interview next! And don't forget to go give this babe some extra lovin! All her info is at the end of the piece 💛 (also all previous interviews will be reposted on this blog this week so that they're not lost forever!)


But without further adieu, here is my interview with this beautiful, vibrant, veggie eating, heart-of-gold soul! ENJOY LOVES!


- Christie x

1. How did you find the vegan lifestyle? I noticed that your insta bio says you're a type-1 diabetic, how has adopting a plant based lifestyle impacted your health?


I’ve always been a huge animal lover and one day in fifth grade I decided there was no way I could continue eating animals and went vegetarian. For a long time, I believed veganism was extreme and unhealthy. It was actually only through Instagram that this changed as I found out more and more about the vegan lifestyle, did a tonne of research and, after watching ‘Earthlings’, went vegan overnight!

The plant based lifestyle has had the most positive impact on not only my diabetes control and management, but also my mental health. I’ve honestly never looked back since!


 all photos from nina's instagram & far right of my Plant Based Babe tee available here!




2. What’s a vegan dish you’ve never made yourself but are dying to give a go?

I always see other vegans on Instagram eating dumplings and I am dying to try them myself, they look so yum. I’m not sure how I’d go making them myself though!



3. Name a desert you can't live without?

I can’t decide between mango nicecream with plenty of toppings, and the raw caramel slice from my Ebook. Heaven!


4. What would your biggest advice be to people who are considering adopting a vegan lifestyle?

Definitely to do your research! It’s so important to know how to nourish and look after your body, making sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need to thrive. As well as being able to educate and inspire others and answer all the questions you’re bound to get, like "where do you get your protein from?!"

My other piece of advice is to be kind yourself and have fun with it! Life is a journey and we all make mistakes. Veganism isn’t about being perfect, but doing your best in every situation. Experiment and try out new recipes, create vegan versions of your favourites and surround yourself with inspiration to find whatever works best for you.



5. What would you say your spirit animal is?

Hmm, I think I’d have to say either a deer or a dolphin!


 all photos from nina's instagram & far right of my Plant Based Babe tee available here! 



6. Do you have a secret hobby?

Oooh I absolutely love gardening, especially growing edible veggies, flowers and herbs! I find it so therapeutic to be out in nature and always so rewarding to see the plants grow and flourish!


7. Name one thing you can't live without

My family! We’re super close and they mean the absolute world to me. The other thing I can’t live without is sunshine and warmth!


8. Morning beauty ritual? 

I usually start my day with a yoga flow, which always puts me in a good mood and feeling ready for the day. Then I wash my face and drink a huge glass of water, get dressed, do my hair and all the usual, followed by a nourishing breakfast. I don’t usually wear any make-up so I’m pretty quick at getting ready for the day!


9. Favorite place you've ever traveled to?

It’s a tie between beautiful Switzerland (my home country), Exmouth and the Ningaloo Reef, and Karijini National Park both here in Western Australia. Words can’t even describe the magic of these places.



all photos from nina's instagram & far right of my Plant Based Babe tee available here! 



10. What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

To live in the NOW. I used to spend so much time dwelling on the past and worrying about the future, it got me down so much and really affected my self-worth, self-esteem and mood in general. Really trying to be present in the moment and accept everything as it comes has change my life in so many ways.


11. Fictional character you'd want to spend the day with?

I’m gonna have to say Hermione Granger. She was my idol growing up!


12. What's your favorite way to style a tee?

At the moment, I love wearing tees tucked in to high wasted jeans or denim shorts. So comfy too!


you can find nina around town via her links!


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