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August 16, 2017





















Three full days spent back in new york, not reminiscing of the simple mornings seattle greeted me with —green smoothies and chocolate sprinkles, ample hours to lie in a queen sized bed, or collecting puppy slobber; but three days fluttering with uncontrollable excitement. ideas. projects. things to do. things to see. 
hours spent feeling closer and closer to the moment. 
closer and closer to my mind. 
closer and closer to complete and utter presence and an unshakeable 'control' in my feelings and emotions. 
maybe it's the change in scenery or the travel bug i've re-sparked after those 3 weeks away, or the ex-boyfriends i've been collecting unfinished feelings from. but all i do know, is that things are changing. things are changing rapidly and it's (slowly) pulling my body to a place, to a feeling i thought i'd forgotten.
a feeling i have not felt since grade school. a time where my mind was home. where it was everywhere but inside it's own overrun bubble. 
if i've learned anything important in life (not that i don't say that enough, but this one may just actually be the single most important lesson of all), it's that sometimes we need to allow ourselves to stop. to stop pushing back. 
to surrender. 
to surrender ourselves to the universe; step away from fear and away from our stubbornness because we think things need to be a certain way or that they can't possibly be. to pick up the things the universe is throwing towards us and jump into unknowns. 
to trust our intuition. 
trust the ideas that ignite sparks and surges of sunshine in our soul. and to realize that when this idea or opportunity comes to us and excites us that much, that we are meant to leap towards it. to drop our fears, our what-ifs, our "or this's," and our pre-programmed ideologies, and to just go for it. what's the worst that could happen? you fail... you learn something... you just jump into something else thats new to the moment and amazing in-and-of-itself. 
the minute we choose to resist, life stands still. 
we standstill. 
we get stuck
choose to surrender. choose to move.


- Christie x


(note :: post was written for instagram and reposted here)

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