*TEMPORARILY PUTTING A HOLD ON NEW STRAW ORDERS to accomidate other projects I need to prioritize. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I have a few packs left that will be available in the spring at events in Seattle! But if you would like to secure a set, shoot me an email at hello@sedonachristina.com

So sorry about that!


Set of 5 zero waste bamboo straws (with optional add on cleaning brush)


WOOHOO! No need for plastic straws at restaurants (or at home!) when you can pop one of these guys in your bag and whip it out when the opportunity comes nocking. 


*note #1 : the diameter is that of a normal straw. If drinking something thicker (smoothie, etc.) you will need a wider straw. But these are GREAT for regular drinks! Especially when out and about at restaurants and you want to avoid the plastic critters.


*note #2 : The color of each straw varies, due to the natural coloration of the plant. Most straws are a greenish color, and a few are a beige/wood color.


*I ship orders within 4 days of ordert


WATCH MY VIDEO ABOUT THE STRAWS : https://youtu.be/08ik0PDWaE4






SUSTAINABILITY: bamboo is a very renewable resource. It is also has natural anti bacterial properties and is completely compostable at the end of it's life.


CARE: they need to be hand washed and kept clean to lengthen their lifespan (I suggest popping into restaurant bathrooms to rinse with little cleaning brush when done your drink and allow to air dry [possibly in your bag]). You may notice the bamboo begin to splint, showing it's lifetime is up (be careful around children for splinters).


SHIPPING MATERIALS: 100% compostable paper envelope made 100% from post-consumer recycled content.




*all sales are final.

*some countries may have duties upon arrival. The customer is responsible for paying these fees. Please check with your country's post service to see if packages from the United States will receive duties.

(particularly the UK, EU, and Canada from my previous experience)

bamboo straws *limited edition*

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