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Discussions, tips, and life lessons I've picked up along my healing journey shared in our 'lil community on patreon. Topics and discussions chosen by you! A small group of people hanging out

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1. a group of people gathered together in

one place for a common purpose.


self care

New year, new you. Hello 2019!
Accepting Your Past
What I Do When I'm Feeling Generally Unmotivated
Being Judged for Being "Different" and How I Deal With It
Finding Self Love & Accepting Yourself
Fear of Success (Blocks & Procrastination)
Achieving and Setting Goals
Feeling De-Pressed
Am I Doing Enough?
Importance of Morning Routines
Ditching Fast Fashion in 5 Steps
Finding Your Passion in Life
how a 30 day challenge changed my life
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coming soon.
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break ups :: letting go & overcoming relationships
meeting likeminded friends
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school & career

university & exam survival — self care & stress relief
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mama earth

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