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They saved my ecommerce entrepreneurial sanity. Get 30 days free here!
30 days free & 3 free books
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Thrive Market
25% off sustainable products from a zero waste company
Girlfriend Collective
My fave Sustainable activewear! Click to get $10 off your first order of $95+! Made from recycled water bottles and fishing nets!
Balance Superfood Shots
50% off plastic free juice shots with code "SEDONACHRISTINA" (on 'flex' orders)
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Other Companies I love to Support 

The following are affiliate links and do help me out immensely if you happen to choose to support and shop through my link by clicking on the brand. Each brand and why I love them ethically/sustainably is explained further below.

Osea Malibu
My all time fave sustainable skincare
Organic Basics
The Printable Concept
Naked Nutrition bulk V protein
Clove + Hallow
compostable iPhone cases, sunglasses, and ZW screen protectors!
how I built this website/my newsletter!
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more info on why I love these brands 

Osea Malibu : They offer products formulated with 100% vegan, cruelty free and sustainably harvested ingredients. They are a small family-run business, and they continue to evolve towards more and more sustainable initiatives. When I first found them, only some products came packaged in glass, which they listened to consumer demand, and later increased the number of sustainably packaged items to almost all. I like to support companies who are actively moving towards a sustainable future. In some cases, while there may be a lower-waste DIY alternative, I believe it's more important to support businesses like Osea, who are actively improving their footprint, because when they have the consumer power, they grow, which in turn helps their power to reach the mainstream. Getting consumers to purchase "accidentally sustainable" products has a much larger impact than we can individually make. This is my personal opinion, you don't have to agree with it, but I truly believe they're a wonderful company, doing wonderful things for the low-waste movement; and in the long run, supporting companies like Osea's initiatives, will have a huge impact on creating consumer demand for more sustainable packaging and product innovation!

Organic Basics : They offer timeless basics made from organic and recycled materials.

Skylar : Sustainable vegan ingredient sourcing and sustainable packaging, yes please!

The Printable Concept : Eliminates the need for shipping waste & inventory waste and still allows you to get a modern art look if you can't find a second hand piece to fit your space. And supports a small business from Montreal.

Naked Nutrition's (specifically, their 5lb pea protein tub) : I love using pure pea protein (personal preference but I avoid rice proteins to lower my daily exposure to rice's arsenic levels), which I cannot get in bulk near my home. I sought out to find the biggest pea protein I could find, to eliminate the number of times I need to purchase a plastic packaged item, which lessens my impact. Additionally, plant protein has a far less carbon footprint, and one with minimal ingredients, is even less than other plant proteins.

Clove + Hallow : They offer natural, vegan, and cruelty free cosmetics and some are refillable! Refillable powders eliminate the need to purchase plastic packaging each time you run out of product. Simply place the pan in a magnetic pallet or an old empty pallet.

Pela Case : They offer a range of home/backyard compostable phone cases (for a variety of sizes/models) to eliminate plastic phone case waste! They also have the first zero waste screen protector, small sustainable goodies, and sustainably made sunglasses (sunnies launching this June)!

Wix : How I built my website/newsletter! I receive this question all the time so I thought I'd share. I love the way the platform is easy, it allows me to do what I want to do, the way I want to do it. Which allows me to best share my message with the world and encourage others to live more sustainably and ethically. (I'm pretty positive they have a free trial as well if you want to give it a go for $0)