#groovybookclub is back!

current read (November 2017)
You Are a Badass (by Jen Sincero)
*to read by the end of November*
prompt :: Which was the most meaningful section of the book for you
               and why? Is there anything you've come to find a greater                       acceptance and understanding for in your life now?
up next! 
January 2018
Big Magic (by Elizabeth Gilbert)
February 2018
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
(by Mark Manson)
I've never been apart of a book club before!
So I'm admittedly new to this 🙈 but I tried to
come up with a way to make it fun for everyone!
1. vote on book
(I'll announce new votes on insta too!)
2. get the book
(you'll have a month so plenty of time, don't worry 😉)
3. explore it's pages
4. instagram a pic of your book with #groovybookclub
5. compile a response to the book's prompt either by creating
   a visual/creative response or written. Create in any form
   you would like! Draw a picture, write a sentence or two, a
   tweet, an instagram, an essay, anything you're compelled to
   create to convey the prompt.
   (*prompts individual to the book selected)
6. Submit prompt creations to sedonachristina@gmail.com
7. I'll post your responses on the blog & insta stories!
7.  I'll also post a quick chat/response on my YouTube channel
    including your responses!
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Coming soon.
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vote for March 2018!
Logged months ...        
The Four Agreements (by Don Miguel Ruiz)
prompt :: which of the four agreements do you need to                      work on the most in your life and why is it         
              important to you?
october 2017
Milk and Honey (by Rupi Kaur)
prompt :: Snag a photo of your favorite page/poem.                    
                 And also what about Rupi's writing style helped you    
                 connect to the writing?                    
April 2017
The Power of Now (by Ekhart Tolle)
prompt :: What is one of the lessons you're taking with you?       
                  The things you can't stop racking your mind around.  
                  The Meanings you'll carry with you when you need    
                  them most. 
March 2017